A Year Later

It’s a year later since my original post on my hypothyroidism and boy a lot has changed…

Medically…fucked! I went back to my GP in January to check the thyroid levels and it still said the thyroid is underactive. He started me on meds and said see you in three months. I’m like…okay.  About month and a half after that I was really feeling worse off. One of my twitter buddies actually has same condition and advised me to see an endocrinologist.  Went off to see him and he has been my lifesaver.  Same thyroid tests but additional ones too. This is how he picked up I actually have an auto-immune illness called Hashimoto’s which was the cause of the underactive thyroid. With Hashimoto’s the immune system cells attack your thyroid gland which can cause inflammation and eventually destroy your thyroid.   I recently had a scan done of my thyroid and it looked so freaky! It legit looks like cobblestones on my thyroid! He also picked up that I was in a pre-diabetic phase as well as elevated blood pressure.

After the initial endo visit I had numerous other things happening to my body. I wasn’t sleeping well unless I had sleeping pills, I was on constant anti-inflammatories or pain killers because my body pains was so bad.  I wasn’t getting my periods anymore either.  I was having panic attacks even! I just stuck it out until my next endo visit.

My last visit totally shattered me emotionally…My levels still the same, blood pressure still elevated and the pre-diabetic thing still there.  My thyroid dosage has been increased. He has now started me on hypertension medication because I’m well on my way to a stroke or heart attack with this blood pressure.  I realise I got this from my mom’s side as she and many on her side had hypertension. I’m seeing him next month to monitor blood pressure and meet a dietician.

In addition to this, we have picked up I have something called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).  This is linked to my missing periods.  My hormones are out of balance. I never really thought about having kids but apparently if I do I will have to start medication to help fertility. I cried hard about this…you never think about something until its taken away from you.  I’ve also realized that it would be unfair to even think about reproducing without looking after myself properly.

As I’m writing this I’m crying again…I’ve had to deal with assholes who don’t believe this is a condition, people who tell me to suck it up, people who think I’m just moaning unnecessarily, telling me go exercise you just lazy.  I’ve started brushing people off.  They don’t live in my body…they don’t see the piles of pills/supplements I have to take to live better.

As I said a year ago…I am a warrior and I will survive this



Coconut Flour Flatbread

I still had loads of swiss chard left after the other night’s dish of roasted butternut with chard and feta. And of course still coconut flour left too!  So I googled pizza bases.  I couldn’t find pizza bases with ingredients of what I had in the house but I did find a few flatbread recipes.   After a few failed recipes and eggs wasted, I found a winner.  This one takes less than 5 minutes to mix and just 10 in the oven to bake.

You will need:

  • 1 1/2 Tablespoons coconut flour
  • 1 Tablespoon coconut oil melted
  • 1 Egg
  • 1/4 Teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Baking Powder


  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees.
  2. Mix coconut flour, sea salt, and baking powder together until combined.
  3. Add egg and melted coconut oil and mix well.
  4. Let batter sit for a few minutes to allow the flour to absorb the liquid. It will firm up like a dough.



5. Scoop half the batter on baking pan and use a spatula (or fingers like me) to spread batter into a circle. It will depend on your how thick you want it to be

6. Repeat using the rest of the batter. Bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown. I did mine for 10 minutes only and then flip it over when placing the topping.


While it was baking, I fried the chard in some garlic butter.  Then I placed the chard on the baked flatbread and added feta cheese on top.  Popped it back in the oven for about 8 minutes or till cheese melted.


Voila…almost like woolies feta and spinach pizza


Let Them Have Cake…Okay A Pancake

So…I have gone totally gluten-free after my hashimotos verdict.  I’ve not ingested it for about over a month now! That is only because I scrutinize every label before I put it in my food.  That demon gluten is everywhere!

Now imagine you go out with your friends and they stuff their faces with cake while you eat a salad. Blegh neh!  I’ve found a few places which caters for me but mostly make my own stuff. I’ve discovered some good cake mixes at health stores and discovered many have coconut flour in them. I bought a bag of this flour and then thought – now what?!?!

Enter the internet! I found a pancake recipe. Now these pancakes are  not as thin and big as the normal ones but they are amazing! That is why I decided to blog about it. Its extremely easy to make too. I now know where my bag of flour will be going.  Soooo….lets start shall we. I think the recipe is shorter than what I’ve typed already!


  • 4 eggs
  • ¼ cup milk
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil (liquid state, not solid)
  • ¼ cup coconut flour
  • 1 tablespoon granulated sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon baking powder
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  1. In a large bowl, whisk eggs, milk and oil until combined. In a separate medium bowl, whisk coconut flour, sugar, baking powder and salt until well blended.
  2. Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients; stir with a fork until well combined and no lumps remain.
  3. Grease pan with oil or butter. Drop ladlefuls of batter, about a  ¼ cup each into the hot pan. Cook 3 to 4 minutes until small bubbles begin to form on top, then flip. Cook on other side 1 to 2 minutes until cooked through.
  4. Serve warm with your favorite pancake toppings.

Easy hey…I topped mine with some fresh cream, strawberries, blueberries and a drizzle of warm honey.


Enjoy lovelies 🙂

For Caps

My mind won’t shut down. So many thoughts…so many what ifs. The past few days have been rough for many of us. It takes the death of a loved one to make us rethink and reprioritize so many things.

I met Caps a few years ago online via twitter. She was still a teacher in Kuwait at the time. She lived there with her two beautiful daughters Azraa and Zayaan.  She loved Kuwait hey. I use to laugh myself silly for her anecdotes of her life there.

She often travelled with her girls when she lived there.  She gave them a beautiful life with beautiful memories.  I see her in her daughters. They have her spirit.  In fact she gave many of us memories…be it online or offline.

We all have been hit hard by her sudden death. Such a beautiful spirit taken away from this earth. I myself have been overwhelmed by messages from our twitter friends that have never met Caps but felt the void her death has left.

We all remember Caps for being the funny, crazy, emo, laughing, joking lady on our TL. She was never angry at anyone. She never harmed another person intentionally.  I’ve had people saying – I never met her but I’m mourning her, she was a part of my life.  That was Caps…

I was fortunate to meet Caps when she came home for a holiday once. I met her and her daughters for lunch. We chatted like we knew each other forever.  And after that we just stayed friends and in touch.  She had a generous heart and I pick this up from all the posts I’ve seen. Even if it wasn’t material things, she gave her emotions. My heart was happy she found Eugene. She popped in at my flat last year and I told her she is glowing. Love suited her…

But that is what social media does to us. We have bonds with these people, we start checking up on them when we notice that they not online, we share their joys and sorrows.

Social media is a beautiful world but sometimes it turns ugly. People turn on each other and say horrible things. How does one do that to people you have never met, people you don’t know.  We can disagree without being horrible and degrading people.

It took Caps death for make me realise that life is too short. We never know when someone will be taken away from us. At her funeral I ran into an old friend I no longer had contact with. We never said a word…just hugged each other hard.

Let Caps death not be in vain. Call that person you angry with or haven’t spoken to. Tell them you think of them, you grateful for them and you love them.  Be kind and gentle with each other even if it is a stranger.

Fly high with the angels Caps…till we meet again.

Make Your Own Lightly Salted Lays

After my hypothyroidism verdict I’ve gone gluten free with my meals. Any gluten that enters my body makes me ill. Shopping has become such a chore because I have to read labels first to ensure there is no gluten.  So many products contain gluten.  Boy do I miss many things I use to eat. Especially chips! Chips contain so many hidden things like gluten and soy.

So imagine my joy when I found out you can make your own chips. All you need is potatoes, baking paper, salt and your microwave. Yip it’s that simple!

Peel your potatoes and slice them very very thinly. Then lay them on your baking paper like this


Sprinkle some salt on it and place in microwave for approximately  5 minutes.

This is the result


Yes…your own lays. It comes out crispy. And its healthier because you use absolutely no oil.


I am me

Today I realised how content I am with me…its taken many years but here I am now.

I decided to spend the afternoon at our communal pool on the property. Now this here princess always felt very conscious about her body and all its flaws.  Today I realised how over that shit I am.  I laid on that lounger in my bather and my boep and stretch marks were on display. I walked to the pool for a swim without covering myself up. I’m
sure all the bits were jiggling lol. But I really did not give an ounce of shit. 

We are the ones that see problems with our bodies not others. We are the ones that dislike  ourselves for our flaws not others.

This is my body…we’ve had many battles but we keep going. 

I am me… And I am content.


Embracing It

I’m sitting on my balcony having a glass of white wine and just feeling good. This is  the first time in a while I’m feeling like my old self again. I woke up early, did my hair and went to pick up some vitamins etc at clicks.

I’ve decided not to wait till I do blood tests again to start my life properly. Instead I’m going to take ownership and kick this thing’s butt in the meantime.

As I lifted the glass I saw my tattoo again for the first time. I have infinity symbols with the words strength and hope. I  remembered why I had them done. Strength and Hope got me through my darkest times in my life and it’s going to get me through this too.

So instead of the Why Me syndrome today… I’m going to just embrace this good day. Tomorrow might not be the same but I will have today’s good memory